Some impressions of Hildur Yeoman Show during Design March 2015


Hildur´s press information to the show:
Hildur Yeoman graduated as a fashion designer from the Icelandic Art Academy in 2006. She has always been a drawer and a storyteller, she makes a magic world with each collection based on her inspiration. After graduation her collection of crochet accessories and illustrations got very popular. She then went from focusing on accessories to making clothes as well. Her attention is on handmade details like her illustrated prints, embroidery or crochet.
She has recently been chosen as Icelands fashion designer of the year for the year 2014.
Her newest collection Flóra is an ode to Icelandic sorcery, the power of the plants and the women who know how to use them so they can fix a scar on the soul or seduce a heart. She worked with an Icelandic witchdoctor on the prints so each print has a special purpose for the person wearing the garment.
The collection was exhibited at an old school in the center of Reykjavík were some of Iceland´s cultural power players took part in the show. An all girl rock band, dancers from the Icelandic dance company, artist and some of Hildurs muses turned in to witches in a powerful performance that had as much to do with feminism as it did with magic.
Superstylist Edda Gudmunds flew in from Paris to style the show and the makeup artist is Ísak Freyr, he used parts of my fabrics to create the makeup along with l´oreal cosmetics.
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