The collection „LIGHT“ was presented in Palais des Beaux Artes with the words : Light up dark – to see what is there, light up clothes – to see what is not there.

A collection crafted on a extremely high level – transporting the idea of light – which unveils it´s real texture, color and form only under the focus of a guided spotlight. „It is the light that shows the truth and the beauty“ says the designer Kunihiko Morinaga. A surreal silhouette of rigid jackets and coats with over-dimensional  mutton sleeves combined with floating asymmetrical skirts and dresses. Raw pattern based on dots, checks and calcaneal gaits mesh with tender floral patterns, which only appear in moments of interferencing uv-spotlight and otherwise stay black. The to black reduced make-up takes the identity of the models and emphasises the focus on the fashion – which it deserves.

ANREALAGE combines the words „real“, „unreal“ ans „age“. The brand is the brainchild of fashion Japanese designer who believes, „God is in the detail“.

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words by Annica Thoms