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Some impressions of the presentation of the new fashion label AALTO at the FAUST during FW15 Paris Fashionweek.

Young Heroes
Invincible and Invulnerable
Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Young Heroes draws inspiration from Finland. The Paris-based designer, Tuomas Merikoski, looked to youth culture in Finland, returning to his native roots to create a nonconformist first collection, imbued with the spirit of the invincible and invulnerable, with a witty nod to the extremity of this Northern land.

AALTO´s website


jacquemus ” l’ enfant du soleil”

I wanted poetry like that of a Michel Gondry movie, of childhood, of decoupages, a childlike woman again, not even, a sexless child. Who wears masks, puts make-up on and plays with making clothes. Clothes from her father, her mother. I wanted nature too. Primitive and naive, those are the words that I immediately wanted to attribute to this collection. Freedom also to do, to say and to have fun, spontaneously.

website of  JACQUEMUS


The collection „LIGHT“ was presented in Palais des Beaux Artes with the words : Light up dark – to see what is there, light up clothes – to see what is not there.

A collection crafted on a extremely high level – transporting the idea of light – which unveils it´s real texture, color and form only under the focus of a guided spotlight. „It is the light that shows the truth and the beauty“ says the designer Kunihiko Morinaga. A surreal silhouette of rigid jackets and coats with over-dimensional  mutton sleeves combined with floating asymmetrical skirts and dresses. Raw pattern based on dots, checks and calcaneal gaits mesh with tender floral patterns, which only appear in moments of interferencing uv-spotlight and otherwise stay black. The to black reduced make-up takes the identity of the models and emphasises the focus on the fashion – which it deserves.

ANREALAGE combines the words „real“, „unreal“ ans „age“. The brand is the brainchild of fashion Japanese designer who believes, „God is in the detail“.

website of anrealage

words by Annica Thoms



DOCUMENT dinner // SS15 PFW

Shooting during a dinner hosted by New York’s DOCUMENT magazine during Paris SS15 fashion at a lovely location close to Notre Dame and next to the Seine.